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"Pity is a benign form of abuse."
Bacon, Grits and Lurve || D^2

It was the afternoon on a cold Chicago day. Even though it was March, the wind and bipolar weather had left them still bundling up and felt Drew to still pout over when the warm weather would actually come. The upside to all of this was that Daryl promised him more cuddles than usual and that was alright with him. After working the long shift at the shop, he was still sleeping and Drew thought it would be nice to do something for him. Kissing him on the cheek before he hopped out of bed, Drew grabbed a loose pair of sweatpants and slipped in before Indio noticed he was awake. “Shhh.” Drew whispered out to the dog before walking downstairs. It was still surreal to him. After the surgery had went well and after countless visits to therapy, he was able to walk unassisted. It was all he could ask for and so much more. Heading down to the kitchen that belonged to his grandmother, Drew smiled. For once, it was clean after he spent his time last night reorganizing everything.

Walking over to the refrigerator, he opened up the door and took out some bacon, eggs and frozen hash from the freezer. There was no sign of Cloud anywhere. He must have been sleeping on the couch somewhere. Picking up a pan or two, he placed them down on the ranges of the stove, drizzling a little oil in for the potatoes before throwing them in. He gave them a quick stir and covered them, leaving them to cook before he placed in a few strips on a different pan, leaving those to cook as well. Walking back over to the fridge, he grabbed a box of orange juice and a glass, filling it up and placing a small umbrella at the rim. After draining the bacon, cleaning the pan and removing the potatoes from heat, he worked on the eggs, scrambling them a bit before pouring them into the pan that once held the bacon. The smell of breakfast accumulated in the space of the kitchen as he worked on fixing the breakfast for his fiance. Plating it all as pretty as it could be, he walked up to their bedroom, opening the door with his foot and set it down on the dresser beside them.

"Daryl…" He called out as he creeped up onto the bed. "Daryl…I got a surprise for you." He whispered, pressing soft kisses against his stubbly cheek.

Now, I’m gonna bake a cake.

Because my fiance fucking loves cakes.

And bacon.

In the face of adversity…

You can be amazed with how far you’ve come.



Macklemore is my dude though.

On my break, you best believe I bump that “Same Love”.



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Ugh, I wanna run through the tires.

But I’m stuck on this bike with this chick.

No patience.

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