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"Pity is a benign form of abuse."
Night In || Daryl

This last week had been absolutely hell on Drew, especially when it came to job searches, but once again, Daryl had been his Superman and swooped in to save the day. He really did appreciate it, but in a way, it almost felt like he couldn’t do anything for himself without Daryl helping him. It made him feel almost useless, but he shook himself out of his pity party. He was going to have a lovely night in with his boyfriend and he really hoped his emotions didn’t ruin things like they usually did.

He laid out on the bed lazily, just waiting for his boyfriend to join him while he flicked through channels on their TV, finding nothing that really interested him. 

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    "Yeah we should sleep." Daryl said. He knew he wouldn’t be getting much rest however. There were things running through...
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    "I…I hope so." Drew said, looking into Daryl’s eyes at the tilt to his chin. He was still uneasy about everything but he...